Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Second Day!

So, I am loving my new job. It was more exciting today, cause I had a lot of new stuff to do. Did several pages and stuff. So yeah, I love it. I get to wear shorts, I get to do HTML, and everyone there is very friendly and Godly.

There's only one downside: it's thirty-three miles away from my house. Which, really, is not that bad considering the amazing opportunity it is, and the awesome pay for my first "real" job. I just wish it was a twenty minute drive instead of a forty. I'd be able to save on gas as well.

There's two branches to this company: North and South. Hanceville and Hueytown. The reason the North branch is so far away is cause that's where Mr. Lowery lives. The building is on his estate.

Here's the thing... this time last year, the North branch had only seven employees. Now, a year later, it has sixteen, I guess actually eighteen (me and some new IT guy coming next week). There's only room for three more people in the building, which means Mr. Lowery would either have to expand the building, or move the office. Here's my question: Is it selfish for me to pray that he moves the office to somewhere like.. Gardendale? Or somewhere in Birmingham?

He'd be about twenty minutes away from it in G-dale. Some people, who live in Cullman, would have to drive forty minutes to get to G-dale. I'm planning on getting an apartment in Fultondale in the next year. It would be awesome! The reason I say this is because he mentioned how the company was growing fast in the interview I had him. He probably wants it to continue growing fast, but not everyone is going to want to drive all the way out there. So why not move closer to the big city of Birmingham?

Wow, I'm selfish, lol. God gives me an awesome job and I still want something. Anyway, what are your thoughts? Be honest. I'm seriously praying that either 1) God moves the office close or 2) He provides a way for me to make it up there and back each day (which I know if he wants me there, he will). Cause my car isn't the greatest, and that is a lot to put it through each day. Especially a lot when the roads are torn to shreds and bumpy like everything, haha. Anyway, tell me what you think.

P.S. ....technically I could do this job from home.... hah! Nah. I'm sure they'd want me close to them so they could tell me when my pages look wrong in person instead of telling me over a Instant Messaging service or telephone.


The Strings said...

Glad you had a better second day. Sounds like a great job that you will enjoy a lot. I've had to drive long distances for a few of my jobs in the past, so I know what that is like.

Jamie said...

I am definitely a fan of praying for what you want - who knows how God may answer! Of course, the kicker is to praise Him for the no as much as the yes :)

Kristi said...

I see what you mean and if I had to drive that far everyday I'd probably feel the same way, but you gotta think about those Cullman people. They'd have a really long way to drive if it moved to G'dale or B'ham. Some of them may even have to quit because of it if the gas keeps going up, and I'm guessing there's a lot more Cullman people presently than Birmingham people, simply because of it's location. It would be convenient for you, but not very convenient for the people that have been there a while. But I hope whatever happens is for the best! Just remember James 4:3!