Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blogs much?

All these people have blogs now. When did this happen? Maybe I just never knew about it and they're thinking the same thing about me having a blog. It's all good, though. Welcome to blogging. Have I even blogged long enough to be able to tell someone else welcome? Anyway..

Today was great. I finished up a hard project that I got handed half-way through today. I didn't know if I would be able to do it all today without Travis' help, but I did, besides the initial instructions. I felt really proud that I even deciphered the ASP and ASPX coding to do all of it.

Ever since I've started this job, when I sign on I look at different elements of a website and think of how I would accomplish similar things. When I'm not sure how, I view the source code and find out. I guess I really am a web designer now.

God is blessing me tremendously. I haven't had to worry in over two months. I'm not bragging, just had to say that, and that's all I'm going to say.

Tonight Zac came to my house at the exact same time I got home, around 9:00. He originally was just going to drop by to pick up a video card for computer hardware testing, but we ended up talking about some light stuff and some heavy stuff. Anyway, he ended up leaving around 11:20 or so, and I realized after he had left how much I enjoyed the all of it.

Yes, Zac is an awesome best friend and all that jazz and him and I understand each other like I do with maybe two other people, but I that's not what I really, really enjoyed. I enjoyed the fact that someone could call, come over, stay until whenever, then leave, as they pleased and as I pleased them to. Zac can do this at my house without my parents caring, cause he's Zac, but few others could have stayed that late, especially on a work night, without any complaint from mom or dad.

I wish anyone could, though. That's why I'm really going to enjoying living in my own apartment that's open for anybody, unless I just want some me time.

Maybe even sooner than you or I expect.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I feel like my life has changed so much since I've started this job. I'm not sure if I like all of it.

I don't feel like myself. I feel very different than a few months back.

I think it has a lot to do with my living room. It's totally different now. Mrs. Lewis told us that in a dream, the condition of your house is the condition of your mental well-being. If things have been changed recently, your house feels uncomfortable... different.

I feel uncomfortable, and it's really annoying. Especially when I have an idea of what' wrong.

Money money money.