Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jobs, Gayness, and other stuff.

So I just finished watching I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. That was a funny movie. It kinda made me think, though, about how Christians are supposed to treat homosexuals and such. In fact, I don't think there needs to be a clarification on the subject if you're truly following Christ. One man having trouble lusting after another man is the same as me trying not to lust after a woman in God's eye. Sin is sin. Everyone needs salvation from their sins. Homosexuality is an abomination in God's eyes, yes, but isn't every sin unpleasing to God? Then what right do we have to look down on a people who are struggling to find their place in this world? We don't.

Anyway.. to clear up some stuff, here's my resolution of these thoughts: There's no right to judge a non-believer whether they be homosexual or not, because we as Christ Followers cannot expect the world to act as Christ would. Now, if the person claims to follow Christ and still struggles with this, there's no way I'm going to judge them, because I myself, as a male, struggle daily to keep my mind free from sexual perversion pertaining to the fairer sex. Sexual sin is sexual sin. Instead, I'll try to help this person as I try to help myself avoid such temptations, maybe offering guidance from different verses that warn about sexual sin. They deserve love, not hate. And as a Christ Follower, I should show love to all, not just heterosexuals.

So I may have an interview tomorrow. I'm hopeful, at least. I mean, I called Sitel today and they told me take the Assessment test that I've taken like.. four times by now. I took it, called her back, her being a woman named Jessica, and she told me that I failed it.. hahaha. So I asked her if we could just the scores from the first time I took the test. She said we could, and that I should come to Sitel tomorrow for the next part of the assessment and if I pass, for an interview afterwards. Nice, huh? I hope so.

There's this other job.. ya see that job would be customer service for now, maybe a technical service later on down the road. The other one would be a Website Designer position. How awesome would that be? That's what I wanna do for the rest of my life, right? Yah. So anyway, I've been speaking with this woman named Diane who apparently is a recruiter for.. well.. I'm not sure if she recruits for a lot of different companies, but I know she recruits for Health Resources. I called her up (got her number from and that's where I orginally saw the job opportunity) and she sounded really happy to be hearing from someone. So we had like a little phone interview, and she passed my resume onto the owner of the company, Mr. Lowery. She said if he liked everything, which she thought he would, that she would contact me before Monday or Tuesday and set an interview up with her on either of those days. So, that's cool.

I would love to do this job, but there's only one liiiittle, painful bit of information that kinda makes me hesitant, and that's the fact that I'd have to drive to Hanceville every day. But to be honest, for me to get a starting job that pays like this and gets me great experience with Web Design, I'll drive that far. Who knows? Maybe I'll love it so much that I'll never want another job and I'll just move up the company? I dunno, hah. We'll see. Just keep me in your prayers, that God would give me a good job that I can do and that paves the way for my future. Whatever that may be, haha.

So hey, don't tell my parents all of this, but I keep thinking more and more of how cool it would be to have my own place. They probably know I'm thinking about that. But yeah, I'd love to have my own apartment. I don't care if someone's there with me, that'd be cool, I think. Like Caleb or Austin. But really I guess any of my friends would be good roommates. But where to live?

Fultondale. I've thought about it, and decided to be impulsive. I found some apartments behind BAM (books-a-million) and they seem cool. They're close to the interstate, and if I were to get that job at Hanceville, that would be so much quicker to just jump on the interstate and drive up there. If Caleb lived there, he could just jet up to Wal-mart for now and then later in life to his job at whichever dentist office he decides to work at (if he still wants to pursue that).

The prospect of being able to move stuff around in my own place and not worry about anyone else's real opinion is really nice. My mom and dad wouldn't mind me moving stuff around, but they would probably wonder why. Maybe I just want a change. But also, the thought that whoever wanted to could just swing by my place to hang out for a little while is really cool, too. I think that's one of the main reasons. They could spend the night if they wanted to, cause it's my place. I think that's cool. Maybe I'm strange?

I've been listening to a lot of American Idiot recently. Which is weird, cause yes, I did use to love ol' Green Day and Billie Joe, but that was back in Middle-to-Early-High school. But for some strange reason I'm repeating my past and listening to the music. I've been listening to the whole album for a while now.. bout a week. I end up trying to find out more about the music and the meaning behind all of the lyrics. As I read on and on, it kinda makes sense with what I thought the whole album was about, but then I'm kinda bored with it, cause the story that Billie set out to make up isn't nearly as appealing as I thought it was going to be. So.. here I am about to move on to something else and say goodbye to the CD as I did when it first came out. Oh well. I'll probably listen to it again in a few months or years time.

I think I'll go do something else now. Maybe figure out where I'm supposed to go tomorrow for that assessment test/interview with Sitel.

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