Thursday, October 9, 2008

Paychecks and Photoshop

Ok, so I love...

1) My new job (I promise I'll stop saying that soon)

2) Photoshop. Adobe in general.

I get paid every Thursday at 12:00 am. Direct deposit.. which every company needs, cause it's awesome for the employees. So I've been paid twice now at my new job, and it still has not hit me that I have the largest sum of money my bank account has every seen. I hope it never does, and I never go crazy and spend a lot of money without having a lot to fall back on. (Isn't that what a lot of people want?)

So, that being said, I will probably be getting a new computer very soon. Gaming computer. It'll cost a lot, but I have a plan and a budget. Actually the budget is my plan. I have a weekly budget.

Photoshop is awesome. I've found a really cool tutorial site which I am looking through. Using one of their tuts (which I think is intraweb lingo for tutorial.. I hope) helped me make this:

(Click to view it full sized)

More to follow.


The Strings said...

So glad you love your job and that you get to do what you wanted in a job! Photoshop is the greatest! Any websites you find out about, please pass that info to me so I can learn also!:) Tammy

Jamie said...

so pretty. of course, that may not be what you were going for...