Friday, October 24, 2008


I love cold weather. It makes me smile. Old Man Winter can be my friend any day. I'm a big guy, and as most other big guys, I sweat a lot and get overheated. I don't really mind sometimes, but other times I really want to cool off quickly when I'm like that. That's one reason I like cold weather. I can wear a hoodie and not get really hot. I can go stand outside for a hour without sweating.

Two really good things I can think of off the top of my head about cold weather a.k.a. winter:

  1. It means there's football around somewhere. And I'll be honest. I'm not really a HUGE, MONSTROUS football fan. But I'll also be honest. I love football. There's something great about it that gets you all excited for the next game. It's knowing that in just a few seconds, the ball will be snapped, and you either cheer for your time to get ten yards or to give no yards. If they mess up and fail, you get mad, but then the snap will happen again in a few more seconds and they get to try again. I think that's the basics of a lot of sports. You get a chance to do something really awesome. That's probably why sports are fun. Anyway. Football is great.
  2. Camping. I really enjoy the concept of camping. I like to be outside, despite what some people think. I really like to sleep outside. I love to be by a fire when it's cold. I love to smell like smoke. I like to go out and gather sticks for the fire. I think it makes me think of a lot of different things when I'm camping. One of them is that I think of what Jesus and the apostles went through when they were walking on this Earth. They had to walk all over the Earth, or at least Israel, (granted I don't walk all around Alabama), and at night had to pretty much sleep wherever. I'll bet that there were plenty of deep conversations that took place around a fire at night. That's what I like. There's just something about a fire, it being cold, and you being out in it at night. I love it.
I'll be honest. If it were to really snow heavily here in Alabama I'd be pretty excited. I doubt it will ever get really bad, but who knows? There was that one time in 93 when the Blizzard came... but I don't really remember much except for digging a tunnel in the snow to my neighbors house. Great times.

Here's to future hopes.

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