Thursday, October 23, 2008


I really want to go camping soon. Like right now. Ok, maybe not right now, cause that would be crazy, but still... maybe this weekend? Anyone wanna go? There's just something great about being outdoors and sleeping in a sleeping bag with thin piece of material separating you from the ground and the open sky. Building a fire, roasting marshmellows, just sitting around with not much light other than the campfire talking about different things. Being very cold. I love these things.

The few times that I have been camping have either been with the Boy Scouts or one of the adventures to Oak Mountain State Park, which only number to four times total. That's not a whole lot of camping in my twenty available years. I guess this means that I should go again very soon to up the number, hehe.

So really, the recent past times I've been have been at Oak Mountian. It's fun, though. Just being outside and sleeping in a tent with a sleeping bag, getting a fire going, knowing that I can just run down a hill to the car and drive to Pelham close by to get something to eat... these things are nice, but I guess they aren't really "camping." So, I guess I need to go somewhere new, eh? Somewhere where a Starbucks is not five minutes away, I can't hear Hoover play their football games, and where public bathrooms are extremely public instead of bath houses.

Ya know, I remember a certain someone who said he has a large wooded area where we could set up camp far away from a lot of things. Also a possible Sipsey Creature Hunt. He didn't mention that, but seeing as how he lives there and we'd be in the wilderness (I think), why not? Hint hint.

Hint hint hint SHAWN hint hint hint. :)

Seriously though, we should sit down with Jo and figure out a date to get something going, since it's starting to feel really good outside.


Kristi said...

I want to go camping!

Shawn Stinson said...

Dude, you called me out in a blog! I can't believe it.

But Seriously, sounds like fun but I can't do it this weekend. Besides it's supposed to rain, a lot. Maybe sometime in early Nov.

Chris barnette said...


What about getting the youth together for a camping trip? Rickwood caverns is a nice place and not too far away. You might even pass by there on your way to work.