Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Annoyance.

So, I think I've officially found the first thing that I can't stand about I don't know, though, I may just be retarded and not be looking in the right spot. Maybe someone else that reads this has had this problem and can enlighten me on how to fix it.

How the heck do you search for other people's blogs?

Seriously? I've been sitting here for the last ten minutes looking over all the links on the dashboard thing and the homepage, and I don't see anything about searching for someone else's blog. Is there a way inside of to do this? I'm starting to think that you either have to find someone using google or that you have to go to other people's blogs who already know the URL of the wanted blog and just link from there. Anyone know how to fix this? Anyone have Joseph Kinnaird's blog? You would think someone who builds webpages for his job wouldn't be this retarded, but seriously, I can't find anything on how to find someone else besides just knowing their URL.


The Strings said...

Sorry, I never can find anyone on there either. But I do have a question for you. I would like to make my own background and header for my blog. Can you tell me how?

Also do you know what happened to our chair in our office?

Shawn Stinson said...

I don't know the answer to your question. But I'll ponder your question and raise you 1 more question. How do you know when people have left comments on your blog? Do I have to go back and read every one? Or is there a way to see that on your dashboard? If there is I haven't found it.

Jamie said...

Blogger is owned by Google, so I am guessing they want you to use their snazzy search engine - boo to monopolies and searches that are hard.

Randy said...

@ Tammy - You have to upload the images to some image-hosting company, or blogspot may even something where you can upload like the header. Then you have to go into the HTML/CSS and paste the URL for the background. That's the way I know how. As fas as the header, you add it in the edit layout mode.

As far as the chair.. I don't really know, lol. It was like that when I got in last week. Kinda annoys me that it's broken.

@ Shawn - Well, there's a link you click on Dashboard.. Edit Posts. It'll show you all your posts, at a default setting of 25 per page. You can extend that. To the side is a text string that displays the number of comments for each different post. That's the easiest way I know how.