Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tonight was the first time I've actually cried in a long time. I've teared up, but it's been a long time since I've actually cried. I'm talking a single tear rolled down my cheek. What caused it?

I saw the Lost Season Finale. Wow.

And for those who may have seen it, you may ask why?

Because I love Sawyer. And that hurt me too.


Joseph said...

You're garbage. If that was a freaking spoiler without a disclaimer about spoilers I am going to break my foot off somewhere it shouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

You read too much into it and what you think is not so. Don't be a dork! Randy didn't spoil!

Joseph said...

Good. Because I like Randy ALMOST too much to kill him.


I have to type "unizat" to post thist comment.

Ben said...

lol, it wasn't THAT sad.

Ben said...

Also, don't kill Randy- who would do your work for you.

expadmyc was the required word here.

Randy said...

No worries, no spoiler. It's almost impossible to guess what's going to happen on the show anyway, hahaha.