Thursday, March 5, 2009


So yesterday was my burshday. I now can drink alcohol, apply for a CWP, and gamble or something. Maybe even drive the church van. All right.

Here's two small videos from my birthday shin-dig-thing:

Random, eh?

This is my favorite.

The reason that these videos aren't of higher quality is that I used the PS Eye to make them.. so.. yeah. That's why, I guess. Enjoy. Maybe I'll do another video blog soon.


Lance said...

wow...and I was apart of it.

Chris Barnette said...

Happy Birthday dude..Do you feel any different now that your legal? I didn't, but then again I was married with 2 kids and in the Army when I turned 21..

A Small Look into the Life of Me said...


Ben Hamaker said...

When I said "You look deformed!" in there, I wasn't talking about the video...

I just thought it a good time to make an observation. ^_^

Happy Birthday, again!