Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Is this all that people with jobs do? Work, sleep.. work, sleep.. does it always suck this much?

I'm sorry. I guess I'm just venting. I feel like I've been on a four month long M-FUGE trip... yeah, it's fun and great, and I love it, and it sure beats the alternative: not having a job/money/career, but MAN... what I would do for some free time!

I guess I can make some free time, huh? I'll try that. I think I need it. I think I'm getting stressed out. Two jobs.. and one of them isn't all that much of a job, but it does take about ten or so hours out of a week and a lot more other weeks.

Don't get me wrong, though, I love both and would not give up either... (unless my church job paid as much as my real job.. then I'd be outta Hanceville tomorrow), I think I just need some me time, as selfish as that seems.

I say that, but tomorrow I'll probably be calling someone up to go do something... gah.


Chris Barnette said...


You have to start taking a Sabbath, I'll blog about that later but everyone needs a break..Try not doing anything (work) for one full day and just relaxing....clear your schedule..tell people no! It works :-)

A Small Look into the Life of Me said...

I understand completely! Work does take up a lot of time! Then the other committments add up to it. I agree with Chris, try taking a Sabbath once a week. (I should take a dose of my own medicine!)

Jordan said...

I identify with this blog 100%